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    Withings Body+

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    Withings | WBS05-WHITE-ALL-INTER-1
    Withings Body+
    Withings Body+
    Withings Body+
    Withings Body+
    Withings Body+
    Withings Body+
    Withings Body+
    Withings Body+
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    Withings Body+

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    Withings | WBS05-WHITE-ALL-INTER-1

    Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

    Withings Body+ Wi-Fi scale uses patented Position Control technology to deliver highly accurate body composition readings that include weight, body fat, and water percentage, along with muscle and bone mass. It gives you immediate on-screen feedback and automatically syncs with the app on your iPhone or iPad to display trends and help you reach your goals.

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    Features & Tech Specs

    Helpful weight loss companion
    High-accuracy weight and full body composition is just the beginning. Withings Body+ coaches, rewards, and records all data automatically. And with tools at hand such as trend screens and nutrition tracking, you can set goals—and more effectively achieve them.

    For the whole family
    Body+ automatically recognizes and tracks up to eight users. And you can keep track of even the smallest members of your family with Baby mode and Pregnancy mode.

    See yourself in a better mirror
    Every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync. With this history available 24/7, you can see what works, reinforce positive behaviors, and stay focused.

    Nutrition tracking—knowledge is power
    What makes your numbers go up or down? Health Mate gives you perspective. It's a fact that users who set a goal, track nutrition, and step on the scale regularly lose on average four times more weight.

    Weigh smarter
    Beyond a single focus on weight, full body composition helps you know what goes into that number, so you can pinpoint efforts. Body+ assesses weight, BMI, total body fat and water percentage, as well as bone and muscle mass.

    Howdy partner
    Health Mate pairs with more than 100 health and fitness apps. Easily connect with favorite food tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, and Weight Watchers. Or train for a race with Runkeeper, Runtastic, and MapMyRun.

    Withings Health Mate is the best way to keep track of activity, sleep, weight, and more.
    You’ll see trends, progress, and get coaching to help you improve over time.

    Wireless Sync
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WEP/WPA/WPA2-personal networks
    Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Smart Ready)

    Body+ can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet, via the Health Mate app available on iOS 10+ and Android 6.0+.

    Four weight sensors
    Weighing range: 9 -> 396 lb
    0.2 lb graduation
    Units: kg, lb, st lb

    Body position detector
    Highly-accurate weighing via Position Control technology

    Large, high-strength tempered glass platform
    Paint-free satin white casing
    Ultra-slim design
    Dimensions: 12.8 x 12.8 x 0.9 in. 

    Large, easy-to-read 2.4”x1.6” graphical display
    High-contrast lighting

    Storage and memory
    Free and unlimited online storage of weight readings
    Stores up to 16 readings if scale cannot sync wirelessly

    Power supply
    4x 1.5V Alkaline cells (AAA)
    Average battery lifetime of 18 months

    Body Composition
    Bioelectrical impedance analysis
    Athlete and non-athlete mode
    Unit: body fat %, total body water %, muscle mass kg or lb, bone mass kg or lb

    Four weight sensors
    Body position detector
    Highly accurate weighing

    Automatic user recognition
    Up to 8 different users

    Body+ Scale
    Four AAA batteries
    Quick start guide

    Protection Plan Product protection plans starting at $5.00

    Covered by Vidlogix

    If your gear is damaged or breaks from normal wear and tear or accidental handling, the cost of repair or replacement will be covered. Vidlogix handles all processing, claims, and follow up.

    Plans are competitively priced to meet your coverage needs. Plus, there's no middleman or lengthy approval process–which means approved claims are settled in days not weeks.

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