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Vosker V-SBOX Steel Security Box

Vosker | V-SBOX
Vosker V-SBOX Steel Security Box
Vosker V-SBOX Steel Security Box
Vosker V-SBOX Steel Security Box
Vosker V-SBOX Steel Security Box
Vosker V-SBOX Steel Security Box

Vosker V-SBOX Steel Security Box

Vosker | V-SBOX
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Product Description

Never miss a security risk, potential thief, or illicit activity by protecting your security camera with a reliable Vosker security box.

Whether you’re trying to keep your family safer in your neighborhood, need to ensure your storage facility or business is protected around the clock, or want to capture footage of potential package thieves, your Vosker camera can make all the difference. That’s why it’s important to keep them protected from the weather and potential thieves by securing them with a Vosker Security Box.


Universal Vosker Camera Support
This heavy-duty security camera protection box can easily fit both V100 and V200 cameras to provide flexibility and support outdoors.

Rugged All-Weather Design
Crafted from premium-grade steel our security camera box is made for year-round use, so you can safeguard a home or property in even the most unstable weather.

Quick, Stable Mounting
We’ve added holes on both sides to make it easier to insert our cable lock, as well as a hole on the front to install a traditional padlock or key lock.

Mountable for Added Stability
Inside the high-security lockbox on the back, you’ll find holes that help you screw it into a flat surface, pole, or another access point to provide longer-lasting resilience.

Smart, Accessible Front Panel
The best part of the Vosker lockbox is that the front makes it easier to install or remove a camera to check stored pictures or videos.


Mountable using the camera’s installation strap, a cable lock, directly into a strong, flat surface with screws, or with the Vosker adjustable mounting arm, it’s the perfect solution for every security professional.


2-Year Warranty
Security Box
Installation Strap


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