Vosker V-SBOX Security Box for V100 and V200
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Vosker V-SBOX Steel Lockbox for V100/V200

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The Vosker V-SBOX is a heavy-duty steel security box for Vosker V100 and Vosker V200 security cameras. The V-SBOX protects cameras from theft, vandalism, and environmental damage.


Features & Tech Specs

Rugged All-Weather Design
Crafted from premium-grade steel our security camera box is made for year-round use, so you can safeguard a home or property in even the most unstable weather.

Quick, Stable Mounting
We’ve added holes on both sides to make it easier to insert our cable lock, as well as a hole on the front to install a traditional padlock or key lock.

Mountable for Added Stability
Inside the high-security lockbox on the back, you’ll find holes that help you screw it into a flat surface, pole, or other access points to provide longer-lasting resilience.

Smart, Accessible Front Panel
The best part of the Vosker lockbox is that the front makes it easier to install or remove a camera to check stored pictures or videos.

Vosker V100
Vosker V200

Protection Plan Protection plans starting at $5.00

Covered by Vidlogix

If your gear is damaged or breaks from normal wear and tear or accidental handling, the cost of repair or replacement will be covered. Vidlogix handles all processing, claims, and follow up.

Plans are competitively priced to meet your coverage needs. Plus, there's no middleman or lengthy approval process–which means approved claims are settled in days not weeks.

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