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    eufy Video Doorbell 2K

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    eufy | E82101W3-99
    eufy Video Doorbell 2K, Battery, Black
    eufy HomeBase 2 - Front
    eufy HomeBase 2 – Back
    eufy Video Doorbell 2K, Battery, White
    eufy HomeBase 2 – Front
    eufy HomeBase 2 – Back
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    eufy Video Doorbell 2K

    Regular price
    eufy | E82101W3-99

    Chose the wired model if there's a working doorbell button at the door. The wired model offers better recording features like a 3sec pre-buffer and minimal latency. Chose the battery model if there's no doorbell at the door. Both models offer 2K resolution, human body detection, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa / Google Voice Assistant. 

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      Features & Tech Specs

      2K Resolution
      The doorbell outputs 2560 x 1920 resolution, which is 2.5x pixels of 1080p.

      Wide Dynamic Range
      Doorbell usually sees visitor in backlit because of the bright sky in background. Wide Dynamic Range balances the bright and dark parts to let user see visitor’s face clearly.

      4:3 Aspect Ratio
      Most doorbells are mounted at the height of 48” (1.2m) near the door knob. Traditional 16:9 image doesn’t provide ideal vertical view. 4:3 aspect ratio balances horizontal and vertical directions to ensure user sees visitor’s face.

      Motion Sensor
      Motion sensor scans the environment 24x7 for moving objects emitting heats. But no motion sensor can distinguish human, pets or passing cars. Once an event is detected, the doorbell camera wakes up and captures image.

      AI - Human Body Detection
      The on-device AI analyzes video and seeks for positive human body. If no human body is detected in specific duration, the doorbell stops recording and return to power saving mode for battery preservation. If human body is detected, the judgement moves forward.

      Activity Zone
      If activity zone is set, and the detected human body is in the zone, doorbell considers it a valid event. The doorbell notifies user and continues recording. If not, the doorbell doesn’t notify user or keep the recording.

      Video is kept in your house.
      Even the bad guy steals or damages the doorbell, all your videos are saved on HomeBase, which is kept in your house.

      Video doesn’t upload to the cloud.
      The HomeBase has built-in 16GB eMMC for video storage. User’s video doesn’t upload to any cloud. User doesn’t need to pay monthly fee for cloud storage or AI feature.

      Military-Grade Encryption.
      Video is encrypted on military-grade AES-256 on the doorbell and then transmit to HomeBase for storage. Video files cannot be played before decryption. The decryption key associates with user account.

      Doorbell Announcement
      Now eufy Video Doorbell can use Doorbell Announcement to sound multiple Echo Dots when visitor is pressing the doorbell.

      Alexa Routines for “if trigger then action”
      Use Alexa Routines feature to connect eufy doorbell to your Alexa compatible smart home devices, like the smart bulbs or letting Alexa saying specific words.

      Facial Snapshot Notification.
      Receive facial snapshot notifications so that you can quickly check who is at the door.

      Pre-recorded Response.
      When you are notified of activity simply select one of you pre-recorded responses to interact and give instructions.

      Wired 2K
      Image Quality: 2K (2560X1920) 4:3 aspect ratio
      Motion Detection: On-device AI
      Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz only
      Battery Capacity: Wired
      Battery Life: Wired, no limit
      Power Options: Wired only
      Video Storage: 4GB on doorbell, 40 days
      Doorbell Chime: Free
      3s Pre-recording: Yes

      Battery 2K
      Image Quality: 2K (2560X1920) 4:3 aspect ratio
      Motion Detection: On-device AI
      Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz only
      Battery Capacity: 6500 mAh, non-detachable
      Battery Life: 6 months
      Power Options: Battery and wired
      Video Storage: 16GB on HomeBase, 180 days
      Doorbell Chime: HomeBase or existing chime
      3s Pre-recording: No

      Video Doorbell 2K
      Mounting Bracket
      Screw Hole Positioning Card
      15° Mounting Wedge (Optional)
      Jumper for Original Chime
      Extension Wires & Wire Nuts (Optional)
      USB Charging Cable
      Doorbell Detaching Pin
      Screw Packs (Spare screws & anchors)
      Quick Start Guide

      Protection Plan Product protection plans starting at $5.00

      Covered by Vidlogix

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      Plans are competitively priced to meet your coverage needs. Plus, there's no middleman or lengthy approval process–which means approved claims are settled in days not weeks.

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