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Centralite 3-Series Water Sensor

Centralite | 3315
Centralite 3-Series Water Sensor top view
Centralite 3-Series Water Sensor angled view
Centralite 3-Series Water Sensor side view
Centralite 3-Series Water Sensor bottom view

Centralite 3-Series Water Sensor

Centralite | 3315
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Product Description

Protect your home from expensive leaks and floods by installing a 3-Series Water Sensor near water heaters, drain pans, and underneath sinks. The Water Sensor is small, easy-to-use, and fits almost anywhere. Sit the sensor directly on the ground and it will notify you if it detects the presence of water. 


Automatically shut off the water supply to home in the event of a leak. If the Water Sensor detects water, it can trigger whole-home water shut off valve to disconnect the water supply. This protects your home against leak and flood damage, even when you’re away from home or unaware that there’s a problem.

Prevent flooded basements when sump pumps fail. Many homes with basements have water entry issues requiring the use of automatic sump pumps to remove water. When these pumps fail, the rising water level can trigger notifications using the Water Sensor.

  • Rated Power: 3V
  • Battery: CR-2 (1x)
  • Battery Life: 2 to 3 years
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C
  • Approvals: FCC, ZigBee
  • Protocol: ZigBee HA 1.2
  • TX Strength: +18 dBm
  • RF Channels: 16
  • Range: 300+ ft. (90+ m) L.O.S.
  • Temp Accuracy: ±1.8 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C
  • Precision: ±0.1 °C

Centralite 1-Year Warranty
Vidlogix 1-Year Extended Warranty
1x - 3-Series Water Sensor
1x - CR-2 Battery
1x - Quick Start Guide


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