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Brilliant Switch

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Smart Dimmer Switch – Add smart lighting to any room

Turn regular lights into smart lights and make smart bulbs even smarter. The Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch combines with a Brilliant Smart Home Control to create the world’s first integrated smart lighting and home control system. This enables smart lighting to be added throughout your entire home with easy-to-use controls built into the walls of your home—accessible by touch, voice, motion, or an app.

1-Year Mfr Warranty
1-Year Vid Warranty

3 Switches for $62.99 each (code SWITCH3)
10 Switches for $59.99 each (code SWITCH10)

Features & Tech Specs

Smart Lighting & Dimming Control
Turn regular lights into smart lights and use the touch slider to control any dimmable light. 

Voice Control
Works with Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant to control your lights and Brilliant scenes using your voice. 

Automation & Scene Control
Double tap to set the mood with a scene. Combine multiple lights, music, and climate into single actions.

App Control
Control your lights and home from anywhere using the free Brilliant app for iOS and Android.

Motion Control
Automatically turn on the lights when someone enters a room and turn them off when a room is unoccupied.

Timer Control
Set your lights to automatically wake you up or turn on while you’re away.

Smart Bulb and Plug Control
Bring traditional in-wall lighting control to Phillips Hue, LIFX, Wemo, TP-Link, and more. 

Fan Control
Turn ceiling fans on/off from your light switch or add fan control to a scene.

Gets better with time
We always keep your home’s lighting up to date with free software updates.

Dimensions: 26 x 103 mm
Certifications: UL, FCC

Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh (BLE Mesh)
Over the air automatic software updates, using secure end-to-end encryption

PIR motion sensor
Power monitoring and measurement

Built-in capacitive touch sliders
Whole-area capacitive touch tap detection

Complementary product to the Brilliant Smart Home Control

Neutral wire required

Ground wire required

Multiway via Brilliant devices through Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh (BLE Mesh)

Supports single-pole configuration

Fits alongside any other switch in a decora form factor

Controls standard lighting (LED, CFL, Halogen, Incandescent, and ELV), smart bulbs (Philips Hue, LIFX), music (Sonos).

At least one Brilliant Control must be installed for a Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch to work
Supports up to 30 Smart Dimmer Switches per home
Requires a non-metal wall plate

Electrical Requirements
120V AC
Up to 500W incandescent and halogen
Up to 200W LED and CFL
Dimming compatible
Multiway supported
Magnetic low voltage (MLV) lighting systems are not supported 

Wiring Requirements
Neutral and Ground Wire required
Automatic Line and Load Switching

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