Sonos Arc soundbar

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I first fell in love with Sonos when I was working at one of our retail locations. Their wireless multi-room platform was the main audio system we used for music in the store. After performing a bunch of demos, I was like, "Whoa, this is legit." Their speakers have a warm sound, with nice clarity and accuracy, and the app that controls them is really easy to use. Everything from grouping speakers together to the EQ settings of individual components is right there at the swipe of a finger.

I always tell my customers, "You can't lose with Sonos." Here are three of my go-to picks to get your system started.

Sonos starts with One

My first suggestion for anyone getting into Sonos? Pick up a One SL. It's a great multipurpose speaker and is small enough to set up just about anywhere – all you need is an outlet to plug it into. You can rock tunes while you prep dinner in the kitchen, or sing along while you're in the shower.

A single One SL is impressive out of the box, but it's also a great starter for building an even bigger system. You can add music to additional room or pair two of them together for true stereo separation in a dedicated listening room. You can also use a pair as surround speakers in a home theater system. Just match them with a Sonos sound bar like my next pick: the Beam (Gen 2).

Easy, compact home theater

Sonos is awesome for music, but it's also great for movie night. If you've been scheming and dreaming of a home theater system, the new Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is a simple, affordable solution. It's compact but powerful, with support for Dolby Atmos giving you a big, cinematic experience from a single streamlined bar.

If you want to expand, you can add a pair of One SLs as surrounds and a Sonos Sub to add extra "oomph" to your low-end. Do that and you've got a complete, easy-to-setup 5.1 system that will fill your room with fantastic sound.

Take your music with you

The Roam is a super portable Bluetooth speaker that's up to almost any task, including taking outdoors. If you need an awesome, durable speaker you don't have to worry about getting wet, you're going to love the Roam. You can even use the Roam to share music you're streaming via Bluetooth to other Sonos speakers with a quick tap in the app.

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